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Get the most out of life.

You can live longer and improve your energy level by taking steps to manage your risk of heart disease now.

Your journey to optimal health begins at Marula Medical where you will discover patient-centered care with concierge-level service. We are on a mission to add longevity and vitality to our patients’ lives by taking an integrated approach to the prevention and treatment of heart disease. Our focus on prevention and treatment through daily practices like nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and nutraceuticals is elevating the way traditional healthcare approaches heart disease.

Prevent heart disease with a medically-guided,
lifestyle-driven approach

Personalized care

We are 100% focused on you. Assessments and blood work enable us to develop a comprehensive picture of your overall health including if you have cardiovascular disease, your family history, risk factors and personal goals. During the initial consultation, we’ll also explain our process, discuss your menu of options and create a customized wellness plan that fits you and your lifestyle.

Not your typical clinic

Many of our patients say that Marula Medical isn't a typical doctor’s office. We offer a coffee lounge with calming music, healthy snacks and in-depth care to our patients. We ensure our patients are educated and have the time they deserve to ask the questions they need answered. We nurture both body and mind, so you can leave with the confidence that your wellness changes will fit into your lifestyle.

Healthcare guidance professionals

Our doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals are dedicated to guiding you to your healthier you. We’ll know you on a first-name basis the minute you walk through the door. We will also know your healthcare story, from your initial blood test to your peak fitness goals, and your personal patient advocate will monitor your progress through your entire journey.

Be the healthiest you can be

What is the Marula Program?

We offer a medically-guided, lifestyle-driven approach to preventing heart disease. We always start with advanced diagnostic testing to determine your personalized course of action.
Healthy eating is crucial for building a healthy heart. We believe in whole foods, not fad diets. Our approach is centered around balanced nutrition and mindful eating strategies.
Dietary supplements are an important tool to help restore the body to optimal health. Nutraceuticals are natural, safe and regulated by the FDA.
Your heart is a muscle and needs exercise to stay healthy. Our team designs customized exercise regimens and offers a broad range of classes guaranteed to get your heart beating a little bit faster.
Decrease stress, understand pain and calm by cultivating a daily practice of intention. We offer a range of services that boost mindfulness to help you gain focus and stay fully present in your life.

Let’s get started

New Patient Experience

What experience can you expect as a new patient of Marula Medical? We begin with an initial consultation to analyze your overall health, which can include a comprehensive cardiovascular blood test. By your next appointment, we will review your blood work and establish your fully customized & personalized wellness plan. With our process, we’ll monitor your progress, make assessments of your plan and help guide you to your new, healthier lifestyle.


Follow-up appointments to review blood work



Begin your journey today

Contact Us

Prefer to call? Connect with us at 214-396-1018


Our Location

Marula Medical

at Methodist Dallas Medical Campus

221 W. Colorado Blvd, Pavilion 2, Suite 728
Dallas, Texas 75208

Phone: 214-396-1018

Fax: 1-866-496-0643


The best place to park is in the Pavilion Garage B located next to Pavilion III, although parking is available in Garage A located next to Pavilion II. The maximum fee for parking in either garage is $5.00 for the entire day.

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