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The Tree of Life has been an important source of nutrition for both humans and animals for over 10,000 years. Known in scientific circles as scelerocarya birrea and commonly as the marula, the tree is a deciduous native to Africa. At Marula Medical, we take our inspiration from the way the marula tree supports a healthy community in myriad ways.

The tree provides abundant gifts to human, animal and insect communities. Every part of it can be consumed or used to make products such as rope or dye. The fruit and nuts are rich in vitamins and minerals. The leaves and bark can be distilled into tea or medicine. Rich in natural antioxidants, the oil from the nuts is used in cooking, lotions and cosmetics. Because of its medicinal and spiritual properties, the tree has achieved sacred status in folklore and legend.

Like the marula tree, our goal is to support the entire community on its path to living a vibrant and healthy life. We draw upon recent medical advances to detect, prevent and treat heart disease. Our innovative, personalized approach to whole-body wellness includes a focus on nutrition, fitness and mindfulness. With Marula Medical, you can achieve optimal health through integrated medicine.

Meet the Team

Magean Whaley, RN

I am a registered nurse with a passion to see people healthy and whole! I began my career as a nurse in a vascular surgery office fresh out of nursing school. Every patient I saw had cardiovascular disease- most suffering with it because they were either addicted to tobacco, diabetic, hypertensive, and/or obese. I began to realize that these people were suffering from a lifestyle disease- one that could be prevented.

Cardiovascular disease isn’t communicable…it’s not a “catching” disease like pneumonia or a cold. It’s a disease caused by years and years of poor choices. Fast food. Cool smokes. Video games instead of outdoor play, cars instead of walking or riding bikes, computer jobs instead of manual labor. The direction of our “civilization” leads too easily toward obesity, hypertension and diabetes…which ultimately ends in disease. I saw too many young people lose limbs to atherosclerosis. Too many people lose function from strokes. Too many people losing the full life they were meant for…and I wanted to do something about it!

About 4 years into my career, I shifted my focus and wanted to learn how to prevent this awful disease. Prevention lies in education and empowering people to make different choices and hopefully prevent this awful disease that steals so much life from people! I pursued a certification in health coaching, learning about nutrition as a tool to prevent disease. Not long after that, I obtained a certification as a personal trainer so I could provide direct education and training to people wanting to improve their physical fitness.

Now, armed with this education and the desire to help prevent cardiovascular disease, I’m making changes in my own life and hoping to help others do the same! I want to see people live the happy, healthy lives they were created to live!

Preeti Girisha

Preeti Girisha is a Licensed Physical Therapist and graduate from Professional Yoga Therapy Institute (PYTI). Preeti uses Medical Therapeutic Yoga approach and guides patients to reach their optimal health. Her ability to integrate physical therapy and skills to prescribe Yoga in medical setting with SAFETY and EFFICACY, creates a holistic experience that leads to profound improvement in overall health and well-being. Through her personal journey and professional experience, Preeti believes that we all have a unique capability to heal and grow. By integrating these believes in her life and through medical Therapeutic Yoga, Preeti wants to bring in the change in her patient’s lives.