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Health Starts with the Heart

Health Starts with the Heart

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “‘Fit’ doesn’t mean ‘healthy.’” Well, it’s true. Being lean, muscular, and a good runner doesn’t necessarily take you out of the running for health risks. In fact, a lot of dangers to health happen subtly and under the radar – even for those who work out every day. Heart disease, in particular, goes unnoticed, often to the point where it’s too late to recover.

As a leading cause of death for both men and women, heart disease is striking at a younger age than we might think and isn’t usually detected until someone finally has a heart attack. In fact, about 735,000 people in the U.S. experience a heart attack each year, having had no warning signs prior to their first attack. This is why early detection is vital to our vitals.

Early Detection Means Early Prevention

Over 80 percent of the heart attacks in the above statistic could have been prevented, with early detection of heart disease. However, we need to make sure that we know what’s going on with us, and also what we need to do about it.

There are two barriers to that:

  1. Worry about what’s actually going on.
  2. Not necessarily having the right tests done.

When it comes to the worries about being tested, many people would rather just not know. The reality is, that when we don’t know, there’s anxiety around that. We already constantly ask ourselves, “Am I sick?” or “Am I healthy?”, so in the back of our minds, as much as we try to avoid facing that reality or the potential of it, we worry. 

If we get tested, one of two things happen:

  1. Either we’re relieved, because we’re okay.


2. We see that something’s there, yet we’re able to treat it and create an action plan. This is actually exciting, because that means we’re going to have better health in the future.

Making sure that we get a full blood work-up is crucial to defeat that second barrier – a test which looks at all the parts that are important to heart disease and how to prevent it. Also, getting the calcium scoring and CT scan of the heart is important, as both of these will give you a much better idea of whether or not more tests are needed. In this way, you become better informed if there is the potential for heart disease, or if there is heart disease already present. Then, again, we are able to take action on it.

Understand Your Results, Transform Your Health

In order to take active steps toward improving heart health and decreasing risk for cardiovascular disease, one must first get lab work done. From there, find the right person to translate.

At Marula Medical, we focus on wellness and improving lifestyle, and that starts with testing. One of those tests is advanced bloodwork through Boston Heart, with the results presented in a way that allows us to change how people take care of themselves. The reports tell a patient’s health story in 4 simple parts: advanced lipid analysis, metabolics, genetics, and inflammation.

These easy-to-follow and organized reports are meant to outline levels, risks, and problem areas in a language people can actually understand. It’s an educational opportunity that not only discusses what’s wrong, but what to do about it. These individualized actionable results engage individuals in their own health, explaining what their results mean, how it affects them, and what they can do to improve.

We understand that health comes in all shapes, sizes, and conditions, which is why we offer personalized care. That way, we give each person the customized attention and understanding they need.