The Marula Medical Program • Marula Medical
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The Marula Medical Program

Let’s get started

The Marula Medical Program is a patient-centered, evidence-based cardiovascular program designed to help you live a longer, healthier life.

Our innovative practice is centered at the intersection of medical science and today’s lifestyles. We know that simply prescribing medication doesn’t address the root cause of illness; However, when the two work together, you are more likely to achieve results.

We developed a five-pillared approach to address the cause, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Our practice integrates cardiovascular medicine with nutrition, medical, nutraceutical, physical and mindfulness programs.

Our consultation begins with a comprehensive health assessment, including diagnostic blood tests, to identify if you have cardiovascular disease or are at risk for disease. Through our process you will receive individualized healthcare and coaching designed for attaining immediate and long-term success.

Our uncommon approach is effective because it focuses on disease prevention and whole-body wellness. While our process is rooted in medical science, you’ll find that it extends into all parts of your life. Integrate wellness into your life today. Start your journey to optimal health and a vibrant life with Marula Medical.

Focus on your heart health and
revitalize your whole life

When medicine and lifestyle merge, your body benefits

When you take control of your heart health, your mind and body will follow. Over the next 90 days, we will guide your journey with an evidence-based, patient-centered approach that includes:

  • Initial consultation & comprehensive cardiovascular blood test
  • Follow-up appointments to review blood work
  • Preventive screenings such as Endopat and Carotid IMT
  • Dietary evaluation with a registered dietician
  • Classes in exercise and mindfulness

True transformation happens inside and out. We will track your progress with a battery of health measurements, not just the scale. These tests may include LDL, HDL, ApoB, ApoA-1, Lp(a), Insulin, LpPLA2, Vitamin D and Homocysteine.

It takes dedication and consistency to improve your health, but Marula Medical will help you meet your goals with education, support and guidance. After a few weeks, you’ll notice changes in your body and mind, you’ll feel better, and the health of your whole body will improve.

There’s an old say about lifestyle changes: “It takes four weeks for you to notice the difference, eight weeks for your family to notice, and 12 weeks for everyone else.” Well, here at Marula Medical, we will help you make noticeable changes in your body, mind and heart. We are here for you.