Nutrition • Marula Medical
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The 5 Pillars

Healthy eating is crucial for building and maintaining a healthy heart

Nutrition is one of the best tools to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease. Here at Marula Medical, we believe in whole foods, not fad diets. That’s why our approach is centered around balanced nutrition and mindful eating strategies.

After assessing your overall health and fitness level, our Registered Dietitian will help you develop a realistic plan to achieve a healthy weight and improve cholesterol, blood pressure and triglyceride levels, decrease inflammation and lower your risk of heart disease. Most patients also report feeling better in ways like having more energy or elevations in mood.

We make changing your diet easier by providing you with ideas for meals, snacks and grocery lists. You will learn how to prioritize a plant-based diet and whole grains over saturated fats, processed foods and artificial sweeteners. We will help you make small dietary changes over time and savor every bite in the process.