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Referrals: Partnerships Benefit Patients

Our commitment to patients’ healthy lives is bolstered by community healthcare providers and organizations. Are you a doctor looking to refer patients at risk of developing or already struggling with heart disease? Marula Medical can help. Let us be the healthcare partner your patients need.

Patients referred to Marula Medical typically meet some of these criteria:

  • Advanced age: men 45+ or women 55+
  • High levels of stress and/or anxiety for more than six months
  • At risk of developing or currently experiencing hypertension, diabetes or high cholesterol
  • Lifestyle risk factors: smoking or obesity
  • Family or personal history of cardiovascular disease, hyperlipidemia, premature heart attack or stroke
  • Concern for their risk of developing cardiovascular disease and desire state-of-the-art diagnostic studies to determine risk and current status
  • Interest in lifestyle changes to significantly reduce cardiovascular risk while reducing other major health risks such as cancer and dementia

Focus on your heart health and
revitalize your whole life

Employee Program: Healing the Healers

Patients come first, but we know that doctors, nurses, emergency and other healthcare providers sometimes forgo their own needs in order to care for others. That’s why Marula Medical makes a special commitment to providing healthcare services to medical professionals. Healthcare providers can expect a specialized assessment that includes:

  • Boston Heart Evaluation
  • CIMT
  • Endopat Exam
  • Follow up Office Visit with recommendations
  • A Visit with our Registered Dietitian
  • Mindfulness classes
  • Other treatments or referrals as needed