Update Your Health, Not Just Your iPhones Marula Medical
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Update Your Health, Not Just Your iPhones

Update Your Health, Not Just Your iPhones

With strong advancements in technology across all industries, it’s no surprise that the medical community is one of these primary trades. Medical equipment, testing, surgery; it’s all improving every day. However, with technology come fallbacks, as well as updates to troubleshoot those fallbacks.

Certain Pacemakers Could be Vulnerable, FDA Says

Recently, one mishap in particular took place involving certain Abbott (formerly St. Jude Medical) pacemakers. The issue was a result of possible cybersecurity vulnerabilities with the device, which could put patients in harm’s way. In order to reduce the risk of cybersecurity exploitation through these devices, the FDA approved a firmware update that is now available and intended as a corrective action.

Do Not Fear, Update is Here

For clarity, “firmware” refers to a specific type of software within the pacemaker. When we at Marula Medical heard about the update, we felt compelled to spread the word to all our patients and the world. These radio frequency (RF)-enabled implantable pacemakers are being made safe again, which is why our experts encourage anyone with this type of pacemaker to visit their doctor and receive the necessary update.

Calm Your Heart

At Marula, we stay up-to-date and involved in the medical community as a whole, whether it’s devices like we mentioned above, best/newest practices, or even fresh approaches to more than just physical health. Mental and physical wellness go hand-in-hand for us, so while you’re in for a visit, feel free to discuss how you’re doing in other areas of your health. Stress, diet, fatigue; it all plays a role in your well being, even your heart health specifically.

So, here’s our message: don’t just update your pacemaker and iPhone; update your life. Take what is an everyday struggle and try something new to overcome it. It could change your life in the best way, and we would love to be a part of that journey.