The word “marula” derives from the common name of the Marula Tree, Scelerocarya birrea, a deciduous tree native to Africa.  The tree goes by many names, including the Tree of Life, because of its importance as a source of nutrition for humans and animals for over 10,000 years.

All parts of the tree are consumed by humans, animals or insects or are used to make products like rope or dye. The fruit and nuts are rich in vitamins and minerals. The skin of the fruit, leaves and bark can be distilled into tea or used for medicinal purposes. The oil from the nuts is rich in natural antioxidants and is used in cooking and to create lotions and cosmetics. 

Folklore and legends about the marula tree and its medicinal and spiritual properties abound, elevating it to sacred status in many communities that rely on its abundant gifts. 

At Marula Medical, we take our inspiration from the way the marula tree supports a healthy community in myriad ways. We offer an innovative, personalized approach to whole-body wellness that uses  advanced technology, tests, resources and techniques in order to identify risk factors, to detect, prevent and treat disease, and to help you reach and maintain optimal health for life through nutrition, fitness, mindfulness and other lifestyle practices. Like the marula tree, our goal is to support the entire community on its path to living a vibrant, healthy and optimal life. 


Dr. Robert E. Edmonson, M.D.

Dr. Robert Edmonson is a graduate of Texas Southwestern Medical School and board certified physician in Cardiovascular Disease and Internal Medicine. He served as Medical Director of Cardiology at Methodist Hospital of Dallas for 23 years, where he was instrumental in introducing thrombolytic therapy for acute myocardial infarction and coronary angioplasty and stenting for acute intervention and electrophysiology. Over his decades-long career, Dr. Edmonson's practice has evolved from invasive/interventional cardiology to diagnosis and treatment in a primarily office-based practice. His strongest interest is in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, which he practices daily at Merula Medical.

Dr. Edmonson has been recognized by D Magazine and Texas Monthly as among the top doctors in Cardiology.

Paulina Grzyb, PA

Paulina Grazyb is a Physicians Assistant at Marula Medical. Prior to joining Marula Medical, Paulina was an Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant at Methodist Dallas Medical Center, and a PA for Arizona Arrhythmia Consultants, where she provided electrophysiology services including inpatient management of acute and chronic arrhythmias, EKG and echocardiogram analysis, therapeutic anticoagulation, pacemaker/ICD management and other services. She is a passionate and knowledgeable advocate for all her patients.

Paulina holds a Masters of Medical Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Midwestern University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Loyola University.

Amanda Doughty, MSN, APRN, NP-C

Amanda Doughty is a family nurse practitioner at Marula Medical, where she gets to indulge her passion for educating her patients about nutrition, fitness and mindfulness. With her friendly and down-to- earth personality and boundless energy, Amanda keeps her patients motivated and inspired to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Prior to graduating from the FNP program at Baylor University in Dallas, Texas, Amanda completed the accelerated nursing program at the University of Missouri and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Oklahoma.

John Edmonson.jpg

John Edmonson, MS, LPC-S 

John Edmonson, The Project Manager for Marula Medical is a Licensed Professional Counselor and former Clinical Coordinator at the Salesmanship Club Youth and family center. There he working with children and families integrating Mindfulness and Interpersonal Neurobiology into the Therapeutic After School Program. John’s previous experience was working as a secondary level Spanish teacher for eight years where he taught using a “Mindful Classroom,” and approach that demonstrated a reduction in student stress and burn out, office referrals and improvement in grades.  

Some trainings and certifications include, Masters in counseling, becoming a certified Yoga instructor, Meditation and Tai Chi, instructor, Somatic Therapy, Experiential Therapy & Interpersonal Neurobiology.

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Dave Schy, Chef 

Dave Schy is the newest addition to the Marula Medical team and believes that food is a major component of excellent health and disease prevention.  Dave is a world renowned chef who has participated in many health care events for the Mayo Clinic Center of Innovation. He’s fed thousands with the intention of teaching everyone that healthy cooking can be easy, fun and delicious.

20 years after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, Chef Dave created The New Taste Journal as a free teaching tool for those who wanted to learn how to cook and eat healthy. Originally designed for his college age children and their friends, the website has grown into a trusted resource with followers from all around the world. 

Today, Chef Dave’s mission goes hand in hand with ours:  to provide individuals with the nutritional tools and guidance they need to enjoy an easy, fun and engaging journey to optimal health. 


Carey Shore, Dietitian 

Carey Shore is a registered and licensed dietitian with a Masters of Science degree in Health Promotion. She has over 15 years of professional experience in nutrition, fitness, and public health where she has been an active patient counselor, writer, public speaker and researcher. Carey’s experience ranges from primary prevention of chronic disease, to treatment and management of conditions such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.  Carey enjoys building capacity within individuals and empowering them towards making healthy lifestyle choices for enhanced quality of life and longevity. As part of our cardiovascular team, she enjoys creating that within our patients.